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2015 Annual Report

Shelly Akerly

Sarah - Renewed Hope

Encountering God at a Thrive Retreat

We met Sarah on a sunny February day. While retreat volunteers prepared gifts for a Valentine's Day outreach in Phuket's Red Light District, Sarah hovered shyly on the outskirts. Sarah opened up about how the needs were endless. Adding "just one more thing" took her husband away from home almost every night. While Joe was in his sweet spot, Sarah was struggling to survive.

Phuket was spiritually dark. Church members, mostly new believers, were hungry for the Word, but long working hours meant late night Bible studies. Finances were tight. Sarah's support system felt very distant. And rest was a faint memory: "We're blocks from the beach," Sarah said, "and I can't tell you the last time we were there." God led volunteer Debbie Suits to pray for renewed hope in Sarah's life. "I sensed she desperately needed a break-what we were in Thailand to offer-but our hotel was booked. I was anguished I couldn't invite her."

God miraculously made a way. Sarah got a makeover and some much-needed naps, but more importantly, she walked away with renewed hope and a visible change in her spirit, body, and soul. Before Sarah returned home, the Lord began speaking to Joe. In the months since the retreat, God has given Sarah and Joe focus, allowing them to release "busy" tasks and pour into fewer needs more deeply. Their ministry is thriving, and they're seeing men and women come to Christ, be baptized, and be discipled.

Shelly Akerly

Shelly Akerly

2015 Peru Retreat Volunteer, Coppell TX

Seeing More Clearly the Lives of Global Women

Growing up, I thought missionaries were martyrs. I now realize many come alive on the field as they follow God's call. They are happy. This doesn't dismiss their hardships, but their mission, their calling, is what makes them thrive. I've never been called to go far, to respond to and communicate more with those we support.

Paula Franco

Paula Franco

Donor, 2015 Thailand Retreat Volunteer, Gardendale, TX

Renewed Calling | Allowing God to use ME!

As I listened to global women at the retreat, it nearly felt like some lost sight of their calling. Their ministry reports don't account for things like spending four hours fixing the dryer. Supporters don't understand, and I didn't either before I came. God has called me to invest my time, talent, and treasure in Thrive. He is calling me to a deeper level of involvement in missions in my local church. I'm still exploring what that looks like, but it's exciting!

Ministry Focuses

Thrive Magazine


Our weekly Online Magazine, Connection, provides a place for Global Women to find community in the company of friends who get their life; a place where they can be cared for, encouraged,and find the resources they need.

2016 Focus:

Increase active online engagement

Increase our subscribership by 10%

Thrive Retreats


Our retreats allow women serving cross­work for a time of rest, renewal, and refreshment. The women are ministered to holistically - spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

2016 Focus:

75 women serving in the Middle East (Dubai - Feb.)

75 women serving in South America (Brazil - April)

50 women on Home Assignment (Colorado - July)

100 women serving in Africa (South Africa - Oct.)

Thrive Advocacy


We commit to raise awareness of the needs of Global Women by engaging and educating individuals, churches, and agencies to proactively meet those needs.

2016 Focus:

Continue to pursue the vision to launch Thrive affiliate ministries for other missionary sending nations to care for their own national missionary women.

Lorrie Lindgren Three cherished daughters of the King, Sarah, Shelly, and Paula, each received a precious gift from their Heavenly Father this year. They represent hundreds of women who were touched through the ministry of Thrive. All three women answered God's call to serve Him around the world. All three had life-changing experiences.

As I said goodbye to the women who attended our July retreat in Colorado, three other women told me the Lord renewed their calls during our time together. Before arriving at the retreat, they had each quietly determined in their hearts that they would not be returning to the field. It was too hard. But as they enjoyed a time of "personal sanctuary" with the Lord, as they processed life and ministry in a safe environment, as they were prayed over 5 or 6 times by women who genuinely cared, as they were showered with expressions of all five love languages ... God did a miracle. And those three women are now returning to their fields of service. Hallelujah!

Thank you for praying and for partnering with us to strengthen women serving on the front lines. Mission leaders are working together to bring the Gospel to the remaining 1,750 unwritten languages by 2025 - in the next l O years! Let's partner together to empower the global workers serving around the world on our behalf. It is a strategic Kingdom investment!


2014 Revenue: $715,278

Contributions/Donations: $715,184
Other Income: $94

2014 Expenditures: $713.152

2015 Highlights

Thrive Affilates Icon
Casting Vision for Thrive Affiliates

We hosted four delegates from Singapore and Korea at the Thailand retreat to cast a vision for them to launch Thrive affiliate ministries to care for women sent from their own nations.

Key City Event
Key City Events

We deepened relationships and cultivated new ministry partners in seven cities across the country: Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, Denver, Midland/Odessa (TX), Atlanta, & Harrisburg (PA).

Church Partnership
Strategic Church Partnerships

One missions minded church sent 17 of our 32 volunteers to Italy, with 20 more on a waiting list. They and others are pursuing longer-term partnerships with Thrive, actively recruiting & supporting volunteers from their congregations.

Legacy Gift
Legacy Gift

Thrive received its first legacy gift, bestowed after the death of a faithful ministry partner and friend. The gift allows Thrive to plan strategically for the future.

Ways to Partner: Get Involved



Join us! Volunteer at our retreats to minister to the hearts of global missionary women. This unique experience not only transforms the lives of global women but also those who volunteer.



Spread the word! Advocate for the needs of missionary women to our circle of influence. Promte Thrive's online magazine, Connection, and retreats to workers you know serving overseas.



Give a gift! Invest in the lives and ministry of missionary women - empower them to touch hundreds of lives to advance the Kingdom of God.