Encourage and Empower Global Women to Thrive.

Our mission is to encourage and empower Global Women to thrive and to be their advocate.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage and empower Global Women to thrive and to be their advocate.

Global Woman

Our Approach

Provide care, resources, and community to encourage and empower Global Women to thrive.


Our Online Magazine strives to provide a place for Global Women to find community in the company of friends who get their life; a place where they can be cared for, encouraged and find the resources they need.

Thrive Magazine


Our retreats allow women serving cross-culturally to get away from their demanding work for a time of rest, renewal, and refreshment. The women are ministered to holistically - spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Thrive Retreats


We commit to raise awareness of the needs of Global Women by engaging and educating individuals, churches, and agencies to be equipped and empowered to proactively meet those needs.


There is tremendous energy and momentum to get workers on the field but a lack of intentional effort to provide spiritual, physical, and emotional support once serving overseas.

Unfortunately, many Global Women feel alone and are barely surviving. In 2007, the most comprehensive research study to date, which focused on retention, was published by the World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission called ReMAP II. The study revealed that 1 out of 14 workers leave their agencies each year and two-thirds leave for potentially preventable reasons! In addition, it has been estimated that the average length of a worker's career has dropped to only eight years. Thrive’s goal is to bring change to that reality by caring for, connecting, and creating community for Global Women.

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